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A real business app for Facebook!

Iotum just released the first Facebook application I’ve seen that might actually be useful for business use. Their application: “FREE Conference Calls” (what a GREAT name!!!) – allows you to set up conference calls with your buddies on Facebook – AND your friends who aren’t yet on Facebook.

The application has a ton of nice features:

  • Just a couple of clicks to set up a call.
  • Enter a Time, Subject, and an Agenda,
  • Add your Facebook friends or anyone else, by email or by phone number,

And your call is on!

Call quality is pretty good, and the app is very easy to use.

Best Feature: Your friends will receive a Facebook message,  email and/or a text message with the call info just before the call! Makes it simple to just click on the phone number in your Blackberry to join the call.

One quibble – it would be nice if the app sent the call organizer an email and SMS message as well. It’s really nice to be able to call in via a simple click.

Some Screenshots:

Step 1: Call Time and Title


Step 2: Agenda

Step 3: Invite your Facebook friends,  or ANYONE else!


Step 3a: Inviting a non-facebook contact to the call

Step 4: Manage and monitor your call


Nicely done Iotum!!

Facebook in 6-18 months – still hot?

We’re looking around at new applications we can build here at InGenius, and of course, we’re looking at Facebook. One of the neatest things I’m finding about Facebook is the Applications you can load. I tend to keep an eye on my Facebook friends – and checking out what apps they are loading and deleting. The apps tend to be all over the map, from little graphical widgets, to complete, complex applications. It’s a nice thing that Facebook has done better than Flickr, MySpace, et al.

But, how long is Facebook going to be around, and be king? I’ve talked to a few people lately who say they are moving AWAY from Facebook! It was taking up too much of their time, and they weren’t getting much out of it aside from browsing photos. A year ago, we would have been considering doing an app for MySpace – but that isn’t even on our radar now. I’m wondering, is Facebook peaking now? If we’re going to spend the money developing an app, is Facebook the way to go? What will be next?

And, let me know if you find any cool Facebook apps – especially telephony ones!


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